The Green Linnet


In between Chatelet and the glorious splendour of the Hotel de Ville is the best Irish pub in Paris, if you can find it. This is not a McIrish pub. This is the real thing: as in, a man from Cork came to live in Paris and couldn't find Guinness good enough to suit him, so was obliged to open his own bar. Thus the Green Linnet was born in 2003.

Before we go any further, let's answer the "why's it called the Green Linnet?" question. In the Irish rebel song tradition, the "Green Linnet" was the code name for Napoleon Bonaparte, who they hoped was going to whip the British into shape and free them. That didn't work so well, but the music got passed down through the generations. And here endeth the history lesson.

This trivia may come in useful to you, if you're here on a Wednesday night. Wednesday night is pub quiz night and it's not a walkover. The winning team gets a bottle of champagne. But fear not, even if you're a big loser who can't tell the president of Belgium from Henry VIII's wives while calculating advanced algebra: one team picked at random from the hat wins a free round of drinks, so all is not lost.

Happy Hour runs every day from 4pm to 8pm, with pints at 5 and cocktails at 5.50 (the ridiculously cheap Kronenbourg stays at its usual price of 4.50 a pint). The beers on tap are Guinness, Kilkenny, Carlsberg, Grimbergen, Grimbergen Blanche and Kronenbourg. We also have a huge selection of whiskeys (Irish and otherwise), bottled beers and cocktails (try our Cocktail of the Week, at a fixed price of 5.50). We import Bulmers cider and now have branched out to embrace the pear variety. Monday is cocktail day - two for 10.

We have a pool table and a tournament every Tuesday. Other games available for your enjoyment: darts, backgammon, chess, draughts, cards, and putting salt in your friend's beer when he's in the toilet. Or else you could always do the crossword.

The Green Linnet is a live music venue, featuring all kinds of styles from Irish traditional music to smooth jazz, from tzigane to American rock. To find out what's on the agenda, take a look at the upcoming events section. If you still can't find anything exactly to your taste, Sunday is the day for you - bring along your own iPod (or CD, or vinyl) and be the DJ yourself.

We screen pretty much all major sporting events, and quite a few of the minor ones. If there's something you want to see and we have the channel, we'll do our best to put it on for you (unless it's on at the same time as the beach volleyball. Sorry, but that always wins).

All our staff are bilingual in English and French, and will normally be fairly friendly (working in a place where beer magically comes out of the taps tends to put people in a good mood). If we can help you with anything, don't hesitate to ask.


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